The Lisbon MBA Case Study

In a time where the majority of MBA programs applications stayed flat or declined, FULL FABRIC helped The Lisbon MBA increase the number of quality applications received and consequently grow the number of enrolled students by 18%.


The Lisbon MBA is a joint venture between Nova SBE and CATÓLICA-LISBON — the two leading business schools in Portugal. This partnership includes a two year part-time MBA and a 12 month full-time MBA, in partnership with MIT Sloan School of Management.

The Lisbon MBA International Full Time was ranked the 20th best MBA in Europe was ranked  in the 2017 Financial Times Global MBA Ranking.The 2016 Financial Times European Business School Rankings placed The Lisbon MBA Executive as the 52nd best Executive MBA in Europe.

In its continued pursuit for growth and global relevance, The Lisbon MBA chose FULL FABRIC as their operational backbone and preferred technology partner. The Lisbon MBA is now able to manage the entire student lifecycle from prospect to alumni in one centralised platform.

Following its first full cycle using the platform, The Lisbon MBA International saw its class size grow by 18% compared to the previous intake. During the same period, the volume of applications for the majority of MBA programmes across the world stayed flat or declined.

The Challenge

The Lisbon MBA competes in an overcrowded market for global MBA talent, where thousands of schools deploy increasingly larger marketing budgets with the goal of attracting the most valuable candidates. To cut through the noise, The Lisbon MBA had to evolve from an all-too-common passive approach and ensure to build relationships with prospects as soon as they came into contact with the brand. The staff also understood the need to deploy their marketing budgets as efficiently as possible: something that would only be possible by carefully tracking their return-on-investment.

The change in approach exposed the fragilities in their existing process, which was anchored by a legacy CRM. Due to the shortcomings of their toolset, the admissions team had to rely on multiple spreadsheets to track interactions with candidates, manage applications and forecast enrolment rates. In addition, events, forms and email campaigns were all managed in separate tools, leading to a dispersed set of data that failed to provide relevant actionable insight. The inability to track interactions across their initiatives meant there was no visibility into what worked and what didn’t. All this led to a poor collaborative framework and ultimately lower yield.

The Solution

The Lisbon MBA chose FULL FABRIC as its preferred technology partner to improve its process and efficiency. By aggregating each prospect’s information, interactions and activities, FULL FABRIC has allowed The Lisbon MBA team to leverage all communications and streamline the entire recruitment and admissions decision process.

Before  implementing FULL FABRIC, keeping the CRM up-to-date was an afterthought, and finding and collating information from disparate sources was extremely time consuming. Today, FULL FABRIC is The Lisbon MBA’s operational hub and of pivotal importance to its day-to-day operations.

 FULL FABRIC allows the consolidation of information around one single profile and provides a sophisticated user experience. The Lisbon MBA will continue to grow their programmes by building on a continuously evolving student-centric process.


“FULL FABRIC gives us a 360-degree view of the pipeline.I can instantly see where people are in their decision-making process and customise my communications accordingly. FULL FABRIC has greatly increased our productivity in the marketing and admissions department.”

Marta Andaluz
Marketing & Admissions Coordinator