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Foundation CRM | Lead management

"All profiles" has new widgets and reports

New feature | The All profiles overview has been significantly enhanced with the addition of several new functionalities! For one, it's seen the introduction of the lifecycle state widget, thanks to which not only do you get a complete list of every profile in your school (as you already did before), but they're actually broken down by state now. In other words, all of your current leads, applicants, students and alumni at a glance – in numbers!

What follows is the ability to create and save views, a custom combination of columns and filters (including the lifecycle states) to identify profiles that match the criteria established by you.

Topping it all off are two spanking new global reports: Export global stats and Export global revenue statistics. The former gives staff the ability to extract the stats for each programme and lifecycle state in one single file, whereas the latter calculates the revenue made by student registrations to products. In the past, staff would have to go through each programme to export the aforementioned information and manually put everything together, but no more of that! Save your time and love your job!

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Other Updates

Other Updates
Origin | Applications
Define the price of classes

New feature | When editing a class, it's now possible to input the respective Price amount and Price currency of that class. In turn, this is displayed on the class list of a programme as a quick reminder of how much said class is worth, and also interacts with the new Export global revenue statistics report to calculate the profits of your school. Kaching!

Origin | Applications
Record the particulars of an applicant's relation to a class

New feature | A new custom schema is now generated on the profile Info tab whenever a profile is added to a certain class, with the purpose of neatly storing away unique class-centric information such as registration ID, track, schedule and the likes. This is the profile journey schema, and profiles have one for every class that they're in, with the object of keeping information organised, focused and ready at hand. To this end, you can also export journey fields in class lists, use them as merge fields in documents, and map application fields to journey fields – all for your utmost convenience and comfort! Get in touch with us for more information!

Origin | Applications
Record the particulars of an intake

New feature | If you've ever felt the need to capture certain technicalities pertaining to an intake, such as programme director, exam dates, and so on, there's a new area to do so: the Data tab inside a class in Institutions, comprised of the aptly named class schema. Every class has one, and similarly to journeys, you can also use class fields as merge fields in order to generate letters and transcripts containing data about a specific class. Ping us to learn more about this!

Origin | Applications
Applicants can now download their started applications

New feature | Applicants have been given the ability to download a PDF of their unsubmitted application forms. This is especially useful for registrations, since it lets applicants share the forms with their employers to get the cost approved before submission. Previously, it was only possible to download a PDF of submitted applications.

Foundation CRM | Lead management
Import more data into FULL FABRIC

Improvement | You can now add profiles to a class campus and update profile status to withdrawn through an import! For the first, your spreadsheet or .csv file must include a column for campus, which, during the mapping step of an import, you have to define as a Campus field. For the second, your file must include four columns: withdrawn status (yes/no/true/false), withdrawn reason, withdrawn detail and withdrawn date; then, in the mapping step, you have to select the following fields, respectively: Has withdrawn, Withdrawn reason, Withdrawn detail and Withdrawn date. To know all about imports and understand the whole process from start to finish, read our comprehensive series of articles on the topic!

Advanced | Security
New API functions available

Improvement | We've improved our API integration to include three new functions: retrieve the details of profiles' privacy, marketing and data processing policies; add policy agreements to profiles; and search for staff profiles and filter the list by field and value. This is invaluable information to call in, so drop us a line if you want to find out how you can connect your applications to FULL FABRIC and have a better user experience!

Core | Student information system
Keep better track of your schedule with iCal

Improvement | More information from the Core calendar is now displayed in iCal! Previously, only the subject name, time and room of a session were returned, and past sessions were automatically removed every time the feed synced up. However, additional details are now shown, namely session name (when one exists), subject code, and, in the event description, lecturers and guest lecturers; moreover, past sessions are finally kept in the feed along with future dates. This is applicable to both staff and students who have subscribed to the Core iCal feed, because the more information is provided up front, the easier it is to stay on top of things!

Core | Student information system
New names for "units" and "courses"

Improvement | Units were renamed as courses, and what was previously courses was renamed to subjects. This is merely a change in names, deriving from a very exciting solution that we're creating for Executive Education. Stay tuned for further updates soon!

Core | Student information system
Publish synopses in bulk

New feature | You can now publish multiple synopses at the same time! Just draft a number of synopses as usual, click PUBLISH ALL SYNOPSES on the top-right corner, review the text and then press PUBLISH to go ahead. This is a dramatic time-saver for courses with several sessions!

Core | Student information system
Filter students by "FIRST NAME" and "LAST NAME"

Improvement | The column NAME has been split into FIRST NAME and LAST NAME on the course Register, Attendance and Grades tabs, thereby allowing your exported .csv and Excel exports to be filtered by each detail!

Foundation CRM | Lead management
Automatically include or exclude intakes from segments

New feature | We've introduced dynamic filtering to the is in rule in segments, whereby intakes are automatically added to the segment when they match the criteria and removed when they don't! This brand new setting, called Define dynamic selection criteria, asks you to select one or more programmes and one of the accompanying parameters: All intakes or Next upcoming intake. FULL FABRIC will then continuously check the selected programmes against the parameter to accordingly self-adjust, thus sparing you the trouble of manually updating the intakes every time a new one is created or another comes to an end. Static filtering is still possible, now presented as the setting Make a fixed selection.

Foundation CRM | Automations
Easily select the sender of emails

Improvement | To prevent typos and failed deliveries, the SENDER EMAIL input in automated workflows to dispatch email messages has been changed from a text box to a dropdown menu listing every staff member in FULL FABRIC; and when you select a user, the SENDER NAME is automatically populated (although you can still edit the characters). An automation within an automation!

Foundation CRM | Automations
Add profiles to classes faster and more efficiently

New feature | There's a new workflow automation in town: Add profile to classes by names or ids. It accomplishes the same as the classic Add profile to class, but very differently: instead of having to create a workflow for every target intake because you could only invoke them by name, the new automation asks you to identify the input field in the schema where you gather submitters programme and class of interest! Then, depending on the value in that field, one of the following things proceeds to happen:
a) If the options in the input field match the names or ids of the programmes, the profiles are added to the next upcoming intake of the programme they chose;
b) But if the options correspond to the class names or ids, the profiles are added to the class they specified themselves.
With this, multiple workflows and manual updates are officially a thing of the past!

Foundation CRM | Events
List of "Upcoming events" on homepage limited to 10

Improvement | In order to boost the loading time and keep a clean, consistent interface, the Upcoming events widget in the homepage has been limited to 10 events, still ordered from soonest to latest.

Foundation CRM | Events
"Add profile to class" automation not working in events

Bug fix | There was a bug affecting Events whereby the automation Add profile to class stopped working despite being properly set up. This has been fixed and the profiles are added to the intended classes now.

Foundation CRM | Events
Invalid QR codes

Bug fix | If an event participant was registered by staff, they'd receive an invalid QR code that couldn't be scanned. Only valid QR codes are sent now, regardless of who executed the registration.

Origin | Applications
Changes to profile state automatically reverted by the system

Bug fix | Manual state changes tended to fail whenever staff did the update whilst simultaneously uploading a file in the profile Files tab, but the changes are now successfully processed when other actions are also in process.

Origin | Applications
"Back to top" button overlapping application fields

Bug fix | The Back to top button frequently overlapped the bottom fields in application forms, but this was fixed to always put some distance between the button and the last field on the schema.

Origin | Applications
Applicants don't receive error message when trying to apply to a closed class

Bug fix | If the setting The programmes and classes for which the applicant is in one of the lifecycle states selected below was selected in an application template, a problem would emerge during applications whereby no error message was triggered whenever candidates picked a closed class in the programme choice field. Now, they're immediately warned that the class is closed and prompted to make a valid choice.

Origin | Applications
HTML code appearing in application forms

Bug fix | For a short time, HTML code was actually visible near the instruction notes in the PDF downloads of application forms, but no HTML is displayed anymore.

Origin | Applications
Automated workflows with wait times not working

Bug fix | Automated workflows with wait times produced an error after the waiting period expired, but the emails are duly sent now.

Origin | Applications
Application PDF download produces PDF with error

Bug fix | When downloading the PDF of an application form, the PDF produced the error: Failed to load PDF document, with or without attached files, but it's properly loading now.

Origin | Applications
Subject of custom event message templates replaced by the subject of the default system email template

Bug fix | The subjects of custom email templates, such as used to issue event reminders and other messages, were involuntarily overwritten by the subject of the default system email templates, but they're preserved now.

Origin | Applications
Evaluation overview does not load every profile

Bug fix | There was a problem with the evaluation overview whereby, when you scrolled down to produce more profiles, the page got stuck at loading and didn't get past the icon. A fix was deployed and the overview loads correctly now.

Origin | Applications
Some staff can't see the correct results in "All profiles" and "All applications"

Bug fix | The all profiles overview and the All applications tab of the class overview produced inaccurate results to a minority of staff users, while others had no difficulties. This problem was fixed and everyone can see the right results now.

Origin | Applications
Can't submit an application with the "Allow late application" option checked

Bug fix | Due to a bug, it wasn't possible to submit an application with the Allow late application option enabled if the class selected on the programme choice had a state other than Open applications. However, this was fixed to always permit applications being submitted to closed classes as long as the aforementioned setting is on.

Origin | Applications
Candidates told that they need to upload a video interview when the video tab is disabled

Bug fix | There was an issue with a few application templates whereby, when candidates tried to submit their applications, they'd be requested to upload a video interview, although the template didn't ask for one. This issue has been overcome and no unnecessary interviews are currently demanded.

Foundation CRM | Forms
Users redirected to an invalid page after submitting a form

Bug fix | When a form inside an iframe was submitted, it loaded an invalid page instead of the Redirect to page defined in the Details tab of the form, but this no longer occurs.

Foundation CRM | Lead management
Column titles not aligned with column content

Bug fix | Layout-wise, the column titles were temporarily misaligned with the rows underneath, appearing shifted to the right, but the layout is back to normal.

Core | Student information system
Resources meant to only be available at a later date made available straight away

Bug fix | The files uploaded in the Resources tab of a course and set to be available after a specified number of hours or days, were immediately made available inside the Syllabus. We fixed this, so that the resources are now only given to students on the date and time determined by staff and lecturers.

Core | Student information system
Sessions wrongly notified as cancelled

Bug fix | There was an issue impacting students whose Core calendar was synced to Google Calendar whereby email notifications were dispatched telling the students that a session had been cancelled, when it hadn't. As of now, email notifications for cancelled sessions are only sent out if the session was effectively removed from the calendar.

Core | Student information system
Resources tab not loading

Bug fix | The course Resources tab did not load before, simply showing the icon instead, but it successfully loads now.

Core | Student information system
Marking attendance in bulk fails

Bug fix | Marking attendance in bulk failed to mark attendance for every student if you did it for multiple days, but it's working fine now.

Foundation CRM | Application portal
Login page loads forever when accessed through Internet Explorer

Bug fix | When accessed through Internet Explorer, FULL FABRIC's login page displayed the loading icon and went into infinite loading mode due to Internet Explorer being unsupported, but now applicants are redirected to the unsupported browser error page, so that they understand what's on and can switch to a different browser.