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Foundation CRM | Automations

Increase application conversion through automatic workflows

New feature | Automations are key to boost efficiency and performance, so we've been enhancing them all over the portal: in applications, events, landing pages – and to build lead nurturing campaigns to drive more applications!

For a few months, it's already been possible to schedule different tasks at different times in the same workflow to build strong engagement with your leads, but now you can also target or exclude profiles from nurturing workflows depending on their application status! How, you ask? Through exit conditions, i.e., specific conditions such as user starts any application and user submits any application, that, upon being met by the profiles in the audience, promptly remove them from the workflow. This is great to keep your audience up-to-date and highly optimised!

You can learn more about this in our article about Automated workflows!

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Other Updates

Other Updates
Foundation CRM | Automations
Tag profiles through automated workflows

New feature | We've introduced a new task to automated workflows: Add tag to profile. When you choose this action, a tag input titled TAGS is made available, where you can select up to multiple tags. Tagging can prove very useful in a variety of contexts, such as to identify and mark dormant leads, i.e., people who submitted a form or registered for an event but didn't start an application within a specific time frame.

Core | Student information system
Record resit grades in FULL FABRIC

New feature | Whenever a student retakes an exam or resubmits an assignment, just access the Grades register of the respective course, hover over the relevant row, press the + button and insert the resit grade. The resulting final grade will subsequently be calculated based on the highest graded attempts, meaning that the lowest scores are not factored into the final grade. This feature is not activated by default, so drop us a line if you want it for your school!

Foundation CRM | Emails
Delete emails in FULL FABRIC

Improvement | You can now delete messages in email lists by entering yours or somebody else's inbox or the homepage Emails tab, clicking the X to the left of the message's subject, and then I understand the consequences, delete this email. Since it's relatively easy to delete emails by mistake, you need a special permission to perform this action, so get in touch with us if you're interested.

Foundation CRM | Emails
Messages displayed by order of creation in the "Emails" homepage tab

Improvement | The email list in the homepage Emails tab now displays emails by order of creation instead of the date that they were last updated. This change was implemented to better reflect the timeline of the emails, as the list was constantly rearranged every time an element in one of the emails was edited, like the individual scope.

Foundation CRM | Emails
Blacklist specific email domains

New feature | It's now possible to prevent profiles with a specific email domain from being automatically created via IMAP by blacklisting the corresponding domains in advance. This is an Admin-only feature, so let us know if there's a domain you'd like to block and we'll subsequently add it to the restricted list. Once that's done, you can trust that no more profiles will be created by IMAP for emails with that domain; however, this won't affect the manual creation of profiles by alternate means.

Foundation CRM | Lead management
Suspended staff members hidden from dropdown filters

Improvement | Until now, suspended staff members were still visible in the dropdown menus to filter by staff or team in lists of forms, emails and campaigns, among others, which cluttered the menus. Therefore, suspended staff members have been hidden from the dropdown filters, making it much easier to locate active staff users!

Foundation CRM | Lead management
"Add to class" field freezes when creating profiles

Bug fix | When manually creating a new profile, we had an issue whereby the Add to class field would immediately freeze when attempting to load the classes and then again after a class was selected. This was due to sluggish loading times, which have since been fixed to never take more than three seconds for the field to respond.

Foundation CRM | Emails
Unable to open certain email messages

Bug fix | We had a bug affecting emails at random in which some of the messages belonging to applicants could not be opened and got an error message, forcing staff to seek them externally. All email messages can be opened and read in FULL FABRIC now.

Origin | Applications
Application PDFs missing certain fields

Bug fix | A group of application templates had an issue whereby some of their fields were not generated into the PDF exports, despite appearing on the staff view as normal. Every single field is migrated now.

Foundation CRM | Applications portal
Single sign-on applicants don't need email verification

Bug fix | When new users logged in to FULL FABRIC for the very first time using a single sign-on service, they were automatically verified without having to click the verification link sent to their emails. That's no longer the case, and not only are single sign-on users unverified by default, but they're also shown a banner at the top of the page asking for email verification, as already happened to everybody else.

Foundation CRM | Automations
Error when setting wait times longer than 30 days on workflows

New feature | There was an error when setting wait times longer than 30 days on workflows whereby the system changed the wait time to another number against the user's wishes, but the number is preserved as originally inputted now.

Core | Student information system
Budget code appears empty after being populated

Bug fix | After populating the budget code field of a course and refreshing the page, the field would suddenly be empty again, although the value still appeared in the lecturer costs. The budget code doesn't disappear anymore.

Foundation CRM | Campaigns
Campaign "Advanced" tab not opening

Bug fix | The Advanced tab in campaigns stopped opening and produced a console error instead, but it's back to opening as usual now.