Stay up-to-date on new features and bug fixes delivered over the last month.

Foundation CRM | Lead management

Merge duplicate profiles

Staff users now have the ability to autonomously merge duplicate profiles! This is made possible by our new merge tool, which helps you carefully screen and select what goes into the final profile and what data to replace and discard, step by step. It's safe, fast and convenient! To learn all about the merge tool and process, please read this article.



Foundation CRM | Automations
Remove profiles from workflows

You can now remove profiles from idle workflows to permanently cancel the remaining queued actions! To do so, just access the profile Workflows tab, press the bin icon and click I understand the consequences, remove the profile from the workflow in the confirmation modal. The profile will then quit the workflow, whose STATE will be changed from idle to exited. The bin icon is disabled for workflows where an action is currently being executed (identifiable by the STATE in progress), as well as workflows which have already been done or exited. For more information on automated workflows, come here.

Foundation CRM | Automations
New exit condition for class and lifecycle workflows

We've introduced a new exit condition to class and lifecycle workflows: profile is withdrawn or transitions to another state. When on, profiles automatically exit the workflow once they progress to a lifecycle state for which the scheduled actions still left (such as sending a certain email) are no longer necessary; same if they're withdrawn. More information here.

Origin | Applications
Details from quick authentication method automatically mapped to applications

The details inserted by candidates when entering FULL FABRIC through the authentication via application method, in opposition to the traditional sigh-up method – namely, first name, last name and email –, are now automatically mapped to their applications, thus forgoing the need to manually input them a second time.


Origin | Applications
Exporting your school's monthly statistics ending in error

When attempting to export the global monthly statistics of your classes in the ALL PROFILES overview, the operation failed if lifecycle substates were selected instead of lifecycle states (for instance, profile::engaged instead of simply profile). States and substates alike can be selected with no issues now.

Origin | Applications
Profile fields not always mapped to applications

Some application templates had a bug whereby, despite being mapped to profile fields, the information didn't transfer either way. The fields are automatically populated now.

Origin | Applications
Current capacity of courses incorrect

The count of the current capacity for courses in the global statistics export was showing incorrect values, but the right numbers are generated now.