Stay up-to-date on new features and bug fixes delivered over the last month.


Origin | Applications
Import profiles into courses

You can now import profiles into courses through the All profiles overview by adding the course id as a column in the import file and then mapping it to the field Class/Course Id in the import tool. Since this is an action with requirements, you must also add the profiles' lifecycle states and map them to State & Substate. The course journeys of the imported profiles will be accordingly created. Previously, it was only possible to import profiles into classes, not courses.

Foundation CRM | Automations
Edit lifecycle workflows via the API

You can now add and remove products from lifecycle workflow groups via the API. If you're interested, get in touch with us to set up the integration!

Foundation CRM | Lead management
Performance improvements

We worked on schema fields and on the homepage Tasks tab to improve the overall responsiveness and speed of those areas and achieve peak performance.


Origin | Applications
"State" column not populated in class journeys exports

When going to ALL PROFILES, adding the column State to the list and proceeding to export it, the profile states wouldn't carry over to the exported file, leaving the column empty there. The aforementioned column is now duly populated.

Foundation CRM | Lead management
"Tasks" tab on the homepage taking too long to load

When attempting to open the Tasks tab on the homepage, the latter would sometimes take 2 or more minutes to load. It loads within a few seconds now.

Foundation CRM | Events
Event reminders for duplicated events not sending

Duplicated events had a problem whereby no reminder emails were being sent to the registrants, but they're back to sending as normal.

Foundation CRM | Lead management
Lifecycle states not updating

Manually changing the lifecycle state of a profile did not work as long as a file was simultaneously uploaded in another tab, which caused the state to revert to its original value. At present, state changes are successfully processed even if other actions are executed concurrently.

Foundation CRM | Emails
Email thread lost when using the "Reply All" function

Hitting Reply all in one-to-one emails would sometimes start a new conversation thread instead of appending the previous messages, but the chain is not lost anymore.

Foundation CRM | Lead management
"Source method" and "Source category" coming up blank

The columns Source method and Source category were sometimes coming up blank in lists, despite the information being available inside the actual profiles. The information is displayed everywhere now.

Origin | Applications
Schema field values not always saved

The values entered into the profile, application and evaluation schemas would sometimes appear to be saved but disappear after refreshing or leaving the page. They're always preserved now.

Origin | Applications
Trying to send a reference request freezes the window and fails

When clicking Send reference through a staff account, the system was taking upwards of five minutes to react, sometimes failing to dispatch the request in the end. The reference request is sent under 5 seconds now.

Advanced | Security
Email verification message displayed to verified users

Organisation contacts were shown the email verification message on the application form even if they'd verified their email addresses already. The verification message is only visible to unverified organisation contacts now.