Stay up-to-date on new features and bug fixes delivered over the last month.

Foundation CRM | Lead management

Introducing your new FULL FABRIC Inbox

This month we released the beta version of our brand new feature, the Inbox. The Inbox is a super convenient one-stop shop for coordinating and tracking, in real-time, new started and submitted applications, emails, tasks, even registrations and form submissions. As a result, you no longer have to dig all over the portal for updates; instead, get up to speed in just a few seconds by going directly to your Inbox!

Read this article to learn more about the Inbox and please send us your feedback so we can keep perfecting this tool!


Other Updates

Core | Student information system
Permanently delete student transcripts

Staff users can now directly delete transcripts if given permission. To do so, just access a profile with a transcript and click the X next to the transcript. This will delete all associated data as well, such as grades, attendance and assignments. If you do not have permission and would like to, get in touch with us.

Origin | Applications
Export a list of profile class journeys

We've introduced a new report to ALL PROFILES, Export profile class journeys, which lets you download to CSV or Excel a list of all the journey info of your profiles, including, but not limited to, programmes, classes, campuses, lifecycle states, potential, offers, owners and so on, all in one combined file for easy analysis and processing.

Core | Letters
Select a course when generating a letter

When generating a letter for a profile under the Letters tab, you'll now find a new field on the modal to select a COURSE journey. Provided the letter template contains a course merge field, it will accordingly be populated with the information of the selected course. This also applies to lifecycle workflow automations where a course is selected.

Foundation CRM | Lead management
Dashboard graphs recoloured

As certain colours were hard to differentiate from each other and made the data points difficult to compare, we're introduced a new set of highly contrasting colour shades to charts.

Foundation CRM | Lead management
Manage your school's source categories

Up until now, source categories could only be changed by FULL FABRIC's developers, but there's a brand new area where, if given permission, you can do it yourself – and rather easily, too. It's at General settingsProfilesSource categories. There, you can view, rename, reorder and delete the existing source categories and add new ones. Speak to us to be given permission.

Core | Student information system
Define the study plan subject details as you're editing a course

You can now input the academic information of courses – namely, the number of Credits, Hours and Max number of absences –, right as you're creating or editing each individual course. Previously, the academic data could only be captured on class study plans, so this is a significant time-saver!


Core | Student information system
Error opening profiles

When adding a resit final grade in a course with partial grades, staff were no longer able to access that student's profile, but said bug has been repaired and all profiles can be accessed now.

Foundation CRM | Letters
Address merge fields incorrectly formatted

Address merge fields did not properly show the full address in printed letters, but they're correctly populated and formatted now.

Core | Letters
Resit final grades not returned in printed transcripts

We had a problem affecting the final grade merge field whereby it tended to return students' original final grade instead of their resit final grade when one existed, but that's no longer the case.

Core | Student information system
Transcripts created without being prompted

We corrected a bug that automatically created a transcript whenever an application was submitted for a class with an empty study plan.

Core | Student information system
Mismatched credits

When exporting the list of transcripts of a class, the credits displayed on the study plan did not match those displayed on the export file. Moreover, the courses were not alphabetically ordered on the spreadsheet. As of now, the courses are rendered in the right order and present the right number of credits.

Connector | Organisations
Exporting the list of organisations fails constantly

Trying to export a list of organisations to a CSV or Excel file produced an error page, but the lists are exportable again.