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Foundation CRM | Automations

Define if you're sending marketing emails in automated workflows

New feature | It's now possible to define whether the emails sent to profiles in automated workflows are marketing or not, as already happened with Campaign emails, to let you use automated workflows to their fullest while also respecting users' marketing preferences!

This concerns the Send email to profile action, where we introduced the setting IS THIS A MARKETING EMAIL?: select Yes, only subscribed profiles will receive this email or No, all profiles will receive this email, as appropriate. Marketing emails are only sent to subscribed users and contain an unsubscribe link in the footer, as well as the recipients' latest marketing policy agreement.

This option is available across the portal in automated workflows for forms, events, offers, classes and applications!

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Other Updates
Advanced | Security
Only send marketing communications to double opt-in confirmed users

Improvement | If double opt-in is activated, users will only receive marketing communications once they've clicked the link in the double opt-in email, thanks to the introduction of the concept of active and inactive marketing policy agreements whereby only the latest active profile marketing policy agreement is respected.

Advanced | Security
Inform users that they're yet to consent to marketing communications by double opt-in

Improvement | For clients that have double opt-in enabled, if users have not completed the second opt-in phase, they will now see an alert on their Settings page: Your latest marketing policy agreement is inactive. To confirm your agreement please follow the confirmation link in the double opt-in confirmation email.

Advanced | Security
Privacy policy required when authenticating through an application

Improvement | When a candidate starts an application via the URL without signing up, a dialog is triggered requesting their Email address, after which a second one appears seeking confirmation on whether they agree with the privacy policy. This affects new users without a profile and users with an inactive profile lacking a privacy policy agreement.

Core | Student information system
Export the final grade of each course on list of transcripts

New feature | When exporting a list of transcripts from the Transcripts tab of the class overview, you can now choose to export the course final grade of each of the profiles, as well as the number of course credits for each course, in accordance with the information on the class study plan template.

Core | Student information system
Display the transcript grade percentage with two decimal places

New feature | The transcript grade percentage is now displayed with two decimal places of precision by default both on lists of transcripts and individual transcripts. In turn, exported lists of transcripts now have an additional column, called Curricular grade % (2 decimal places), to report the transcript grade percentage of each profile with two decimal places of precision. The new column is located right after Curricular grade %, which still rounds the grade to the nearest whole number.

Core | Student information system
Overwrite calculated degree classes

New feature | You can now overwrite the default degree class on a student transcript. To do so, just enter someone's transcript, scroll down to their total grade and click the pencil next to the default degree class to replace it and add a comment if needed. Whenever the default degree class is overwritten, an asterisk (*) will be displayed to indicate that the degree class is not the default. If you change it back, the asterisk disappears. Neither the asterisk nor the comment are visible to students, only the defined degree class.

Core | Student information system
"Final grade" and "Curricular grade" renamed to "Transcript grade"

Improvement | Final grade and Curricular grade have been renamed to Transcript grade across the portal because we had different areas with the same names.

Origin | Applications
Reference requests not being dispatched on application submission

Bug fix | In some cases, when less than the maximum number of references was completed, the requests failed to send upon the application being submitted. This was fixed and all of the reference requests are automatically dispatched now.

Foundation CRM | Lead management
Actions "Delete profiles" and "Forget profiles" not restricted to selected profiles

Bug fix | Selecting a group of profiles in segments to delete or forget them in bulk did not work, as everyone in the list was impacted. Only selected profiles are affected now.

Foundation CRM | Emails
Content disappears from sent one-to-one emails

Bug fix | Some one-to-one emails were appearing blank after being sent, though the original draft had content. This was fixed and all sent emails preserve the text in the email editor after being sent.

Foundation CRM | Emails
'Send' email button freezes

Bug fix | There was an issue with sending one-to-one emails whereby the Send button froze and prevented the emails from being sent. The button is working as normal now.

Core | Student information system
Updating the "Final grade average & total credits awarded" of a study plan subject produces the wrong modal

Bug fix | Editing the Final grade average & total credits awarded section of a subject on a study plan mistakenly produced the Delete study plan subject modal, with the message It is not possible to remove the course due to existing registrations, instead of the Update study plan subject modal, where staff is asked to confirm the changes to existing student transcripts. The correct modal is always generated now.