Stay up-to-date on new features and bug fixes delivered over the last month.


Foundation CRM | Lead management
Improvements to the global statistics and global revenue statistics reports

We reordered and added new columns to the global statistics and global revenue statistics reports to make it easier to identify the number of bookings for classes and courses, distinguish between programmes and subjects, and tell which class study plans each course is offered on. Therefore, when exporting and opening any of the aforementioned reports, the first five columns you'll see are now: Theme name, Class/course, Programme/subject name, Class/course name and Also part of the following class study plans, followed by all others that already existed.

Foundation CRM | Lead management
Download exports right from your inbox

When exporting any of the reports from the All Profiles overview, a download link is now dispatched to your email, on top of being shared inside the page. Thanks to this, you may safely close the page if a data set is taking longer to process.

Foundation CRM | Lead management
Introduced new global monthly statistics report

There's a brand new report in town, displaying the number of profiles that entered and stayed in a given selection of lifecycle states during a defined period of time, to help staff analyse their recruitment performance. To generate and save the report into a CSV or Excel file, visit the All Profiles overview, tap the vertical ellipsis, click Export global monthly statistics and choose your desired settings.

Origin | Automations
Use letter merge fields in enrolment plan courses

You can now include enrolment plan data in your letters – namely, subject name, course name, course credits and course type –, through a group of newly-created merge fields! To obtain the field references, get in touch with us.

Student information system | Automations
Update a profile's partial or final grade for a unit via the API

We've created a new API request, "Update a student's grade for a unit", allowing staff users to update a profile's partial or final grade for a course. If interested, this is available through FULL FABRIC's API documentation.

Foundation CRM | Lead management
Improvements to segment builder fields

The segments builder has new and improved selectors! For one, you now have the possibility to type into a dropdown menu, as if in a search bar, to narrow down the list and quickly find the item you're looking for. For example, if you input the term "greater" under RULE, the list will be reduced to is greater than and is greater than or equal to, thereby saving you a lot of scrolling! In addition, the rules involving checkbox and dropdown schema fields – for instance, "Gender" –, have their options now presented for selection in a dropdown box (e.g., "Male" and "Female"), whereas previously they had to be manually entered. Not only is this more convenient, but it also prevents potential trouble arising from typos! These changes have been applied to all segment building areas.

Advanced | Security
Updates to supported browsers

Internet Explorer is no longer supported by FULL FABRIC and cannot be used to access the platform. Instead, users are redirected to a page with instructions on which web browsers to use. To learn more on this topic, please read this article.


Origin | Applications
Incorrect status appearing on started applications

Started applications were showing the status Not started application, even if entirely filled out, and, as a consequence, neither staff nor candidates were able to submit them. The status is correctly updated now and applications can again be submitted upon their completion.

Origin | Applications
Filtering by application state not returning results

The widget in the Application overview wasn't working, meaning that, when you clicked STARTED or SUBMITTED, no profiles were produced. Both filters are up and running again.

Origin | Applications
Can't start a second application

Starting another application with the same application template, previously configured to accept multiple submissions, was leading to an error page, but that's no longer the case.

Origin | Applications
Evaluation overview not loading evaluations

When entering an Evaluation overview, no profiles were loaded, but all of the respective profiles with evaluations are loaded now.

Foundation CRM | Lead management
Segment builder freezes

The segment builder in the Application, Programme and Evaluation overviews had a problem whereby it would freeze when a second rule was applied which had a multi-select parameter, but it's working as usual again.