Stay up-to-date on new features and bug fixes delivered over the last month.

Origin | Applications

New in-application tutorial to help candidates apply

We released a new tutorial to help candidates fill and submit their application forms, and it's available right from their applications! In just a few little steps, applicants are briefed on the most important points to successfully apply to your school – namely, the auto-save functionality, navigating between tabs and validating errors –, which they can revisit any time. The tutorial modal is firstly displayed when applicants start a new application, and then again when clicking the button TUTORIAL on the right side of the tab bar. Applying has only become quicker and easier!



Core | Automations
Automatically create transcripts

We introduced a new Create a transcript automation, through which, when a profile transitions from one state to another, a transcript is automatically created based on the person's study or enrolment plan. This expedites the process of transcript creation by hours, particularly for intakes where all students are required to have one! If you're interested, get in touch with us to set this up.

Origin | Applications
Preview new application templates from the candidates’ point of view

When creating a new application template from scratch, it’s now possible to preview how information is presented to candidates. This is the first step of an ongoing effort to make this operation more smooth and transparent for staff.

Origin | Applications
"State" renamed to "State/Province/Region" in address fields

As not every country is divided into states, we renamed the State category in Address fields to State/Province/Region to make it clearer to everyone what they're supposed to enter, as befits a country's administrative division.

Origin | Applications
Classes can't be selected in more than one programme choice field

When a class is selected as someone's primary programme choice, it's now automatically disabled from the secondary programme choice field and vice-versa, to prevent applicants from making the same pick.


Foundation CRM | Campaigns
Campaign emails bounce when sender names have commas

A bug was causing commas to be recognised as delimiters, meaning that sender names with commas were read as multiple names by FULL FABRIC; in turn, the corrupted email addresses made the messages bounce. Commas are now accurately detected once again.

Origin | Applications
Registration IDs not visible on submitted registration forms

Although generated by the system, registration IDs weren't being displayed on registration forms, forcing staff to manually add them. The registration IDs are now automatically displayed on registration forms upon their generation.

Foundation CRM | Automations
Ability to filter applications via the API returning incorrect results

The ability to filter applications via the API by associated context ID was returning every single application from candidates who matched the filter, instead of just the specific applications with the same context state, but that's no longer the case.

Origin | Applications
Blank programme choice field

The programme choice field had gone permanently blank to staff, regardless of which programme was selected, but the field is now working as usual and changes are immediately reflected.