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Core | Student information system
Create sessions inside courses

You can now create a session directly from inside a course! Just enter the respective course, access the Sessions tab, click the button ADD A SESSION and fill in the details. This is an alternative and quicker method to creating a session from the academic calendar, as the latter requires you to define the corresponding subject and course every single time!

Core | Student information system
Duplicate sessions

It's now possible to duplicate a session and just edit the copy instead of having to type everything again! To that end, we introduced a Duplicate button (an icon depicting two pages) next to each session in the Sessions page. When a session is cloned, all details from the original, such as location, participants, lecturers, etc., are faithfully transferred.

Core | Student information system
Day view of the academic calendar

We introduced a day view to the academic calendar! Just tap DAY on the upper right-hand corner and you'll be able to focus exclusively on the sessions for a specific date. Not only does this rid you of distractions, but, more importantly, it allows you to better visualise every session that's been scheduled for the same time period!

Core | Student information system
Add more attendance types

You can now record multiple types of attendance aside from Present, Absent and Unknown, such as Late, Authorised, Excused and others, to accurately capture attendance and ensure that students are meeting the minimum attendance requirements. Just let us know which additional attendance types you'd like to have in FULL FABRIC and we'll create them for you; subsequently, when editing someone's attendance for a session, you'll be presented with a dropdown menu with all of the attendance types to choose from.

Core | Student information system
Export the attendance count of a course

There's a new report to automatically calculate the number of attended and missed sessions of each student in a given course. To extract the attendance count into an Excel, PDF or CSV file, access the Attendance area of a course, tap the vertical ellipsis inside the inner attendance grid, press Export, select a format and click EXPORT. Previously, it was only possible to extract the attendance of a single session to PDF.

Foundation CRM | Automations
Set source category via the API

API users are now able to set a source category when creating a profile via the API. If you're interested, get in touch with us to learn how!

Foundation CRM | Automations
Filter applications via the API

It's now possible to retrieve applications which have a class with a particular lifecycle state via the API. Again, if you're interested, contact us for more information!

Foundation CRM | Student Hub
Accessibility of candidate-facing pages improved

We've implemented two subtle but useful changes to accommodate users with temporary and permanent disabilities, especially visual impairments. These consist of the addition of the title and language of a page to the section of the HTML code, so that they can be vocalised by screen readers and other assistive technology.


Core | Student information system
Students see sessions they're not registered for in their iCal feeds

Students were seeing all sessions in their iCal feeds instead of only the sessions for which they are participants, but that's no longer the case.

Core | Student information system
Rescheduling sessions in the calendar gets the time wrong

When attempting to reschedule an existing session directly in the calendar, the session would appear an hour earlier there; however, the time in the calendar is the one defined in the session now.