Stay up-to-date on new features and bug fixes delivered over the last month.

Core | Student information system

Students can now download their own transcripts to PDF

Henceforth, when creating new transcript templates, staff has the option to make them available for download to students. No is selected by default, but when switched to Yes, students will see a button to Download transcript on the top-right corner. Previously, only staff users could download transcripts, so this will greatly improve their accessibility!



Core | Transcripts
New merge field for custom transcript course names

The custom transcript course name is now referenced via a different merge field from that of course names, since using the same one led to the former overwriting the latter in transcript templates. Therefore, custom transcript course names are now pulled via the merge field =course.custom_transcript_name, whereas course names are keeping the tag =course.name for themselves.

Core & Origin | Transcripts, Letters & Applications
Date formats for different languages now available

It's now possible to specify the language format of date merge fields in letters, transcripts and application exports, which not only translates the months but also observes regional capitalisation and punctuation rules. For instance, 27 maart 2021 in Dutch, 27. Mär 2021 in German, 27 March, 2021 in British English, and so on. You can find a complete list of the available languages and merge fields here.

Core | Student information system
Hide the † and * symbols from transcript templates

Staff can now decide whether or not to display the and * symbols in a transcript template, achieved in the Details tab of the transcript template. If neither Show reference for final grade (*) nor Show reference for credits (†) is ticked, the symbols won't be visible in printed and downloaded transcripts.

Core | Student information system
Publish partial grades

We've introduced a new publishing mode for grades allowing you to release partial grades as you go – such as, for instance, the results of an assignment –, without necessarily releasing the finals. You can read everything about the new publishing mode in our Help Centre!

Origin | Applications
Integrate with Flywire to receive application fees

A new payment gateway is now available to handle application fees: Flywire! Flywire is a payment solution specially conceived for the education sector. To learn more about it, please read this article!


Core | Student information system
Filtered list of courses displays no results

There was an issue with the academic calendar whereby, when the list of courses in the sidebar was filtered to narrow down the information and you quit the page and later reentered it, the same filters would still be in place, but with zero results. Both the filters and the results are currently preserved.

Core | Student information system
Error when creating courses

Some staff users were receiving an unauthorised error message when attempting to create a course in the shared calendar, despite having the required permissions to do so. This has been fixed and it's once again possible to create courses directly in the calendar.

Origin | Automations
Profiles not exiting lifecycle workflows

Profiles weren't exiting lifecycle workflows when meeting the exit condition, meaning that they'd continue to receive emails no longer relevant. The exit condition profile is withdrawn, transitions to another state, or the journey is deleted is back working again.

Origin | Applications
Programme choice field in application forms not populated

The programme choice field was not registering the candidates' choice of programme when starting a new application, forcing candidates to manually select their desired intakes a second time; the same also happened with staff. The field is now automatically populated as per usual.

Foundation CRM | Campaigns
Broken links in campaign emails

If a link was included in a campaign, it sometimes happened that, upon dispatching the campaign, the link would break and redirect users to the wrong URL. That's not occurring anymore and recipients are always taken to the intended destination.

Foundation CRM | Campaigns
Unsubscribe link not displayed

Marketing emails sent from segment workflows were not displaying the unsubscribe link at the bottom, making them not GDPR compliant, but the links are displayed again for any emails marked as marketing communication.

Foundation CRM | Lead management
"All Profiles" list not loading

The second half of the All Profiles overview was coming up blank, failing to load both the list search bar and the list of profiles, but the whole page is loaded now.

Foundation CRM | Forms
Forms not accepting submissions

There was a bug affecting some forms whereby they'd automatically close for submissions without being prompted, but that's no longer the case.