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Foundation CRM | Events

A brand new design for Events has arrived

The Events module has joined the redesign club along with Forms and the Student Hub! The new look was conceived to feel both fresh and familiar, in keeping with the same structure and aesthetic of the aforementioned areas.

All of your event landing pages have already been switched to the new version and are fully functional as we speak, so no action is required on your end! More information about Events can be found in our Help Centre.



Origin | Applications
Easily navigate between application tabs

It's now easier than ever to navigate between the tabs of an application form thanks to the introduction of the buttons PREVIOUS and NEXT in the footer. With these, applicants can immediately move back and forward after finishing a tab, no scrolling necessary!

Origin | Applications
Application tab status now easier to tell

From now on, application tabs are promptly changed from red to green as soon as all compulsory fields are filled out, instead of turning orange and reserving green for the completion of every single field – the point of which is to make it clearer to applicants that they're ready to submit.

Origin | Applications
Add instructions and notes to application forms

We've introduced a new field type to application forms: Instructions. As the name suggests, it lets you share instructional text about the form and is a read-only field for applicants. More information here.

Origin | Applications
Application form tutorial available on mobile

The tutorial that's presented to candidates when they start an application for the very first time is also available on mobile now!

Foundation CRM | Lead management
Segment profiles by their experience entries

It's now possible to segment profiles by the data in their professional and academic entries, such as the fields Degree, Field of study and Position, among others. To learn how, visit our article on Segments

Foundation CRM | Contacts & Organisations
Update an organisation via the API

We’ve introduced a new API request that allows you to update the data of an organisation via the API endpoint. It’s available in FULL FABRIC’s API document.

Foundation CRM | Contacts & Organisations
Export lists of contacts

Contacts can now be exported to CSV, Excel and PDF from the Contacts overview.

Foundation CRM | Contacts & Organisations
Save views in lists of contacts and organisations

We've introduced the ability to save views (custom combinations of columns and filters) to the Contacts and Organisations overviews. By saving your preferred views, you can easily retrieve them for later use. If you don't know how to use this tool, read this article.


Origin | Applications
Referee notification sent to wrong recipient

Whenever candidates replaced their referees, the cancellation notification was sent to the new referee instead of the old one, but the right person is notified now.

Origin | Applications
Payment status in applications not updated

The system wasn't marking applications as Paid after candidates paid the application fee via Stripe, but the status is automatically updated as soon as the payment is confirmed now.

Foundation CRM | Lead management
Profiles with verified email addresses changed to unverified

Updating existing profiles through an import had the undesirable side effect of mislabeling verified email addresses as unverified, but that's no longer occurring.

Foundation CRM | Lead management
Merging profiles fails

There were some difficulties affecting the ability to merge profiles due to the respective staff permissions, but they've since been resolved.

Foundation CRM | Lead management
Exporting profile segments fails

Attempting to export the profiles in a segment produced an error message, regardless of the file format or selected columns, but the operation runs successfully now.

Origin | Applications
Exporting lists of applications fails

Attempting to export a list of applications from the Applications overview resulted in an error message whenever the State column was selected, but the column can now be included in the selection without returning any error.

Origin | Applications
Exporting lists of evaluations fails

Attempting to export a list of evaluations led to a browser timeout page, but evaluations can be exported again.