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Foundation CRM | Forms

The Forms module as you've never seen it

Forms has been completely redesigned! Following the trend initiated last year with the Student Hub, we exchanged the interface of our form landing pages for one that's cleaner, more modern and stylish in order to improve user experience and increase the appeal to your audience!

As always, we're available to support you through the process of migrating the data to the new version and will be in touch soon! Meanwhile, we invite you to read our articles about Forms here!



Foundation CRM | Lead management
Segment profiles by organisation

It's now possible to segment profiles by organisation in a variety of ways, such as to segment primary contacts, segment the people in the community of an organisation and even return profiles based on the information in their experience entries. To learn how, visit our article on Segments!

Foundation CRM | Lead management
Experience is required when creating a contact profile

From now on, all contacts are required to have an experience entry to ensure that they're always associated to the Community of the organisation. Therefore, upon adding a new contact to FULL FABRIC, you must henceforth include their POSITION in the company.

Foundation CRM | Emails
Filter the emails of your profiles

You can now filter the correspondence exchanged with profiles to easily find and manage conversations. To do so, access the profile or homepage Emails tab and find the Filter selector. Received emails are displayed by default, but three other filters exist: Sent emails, System emails and All emails.

Core | Student information system
Filter the list of lecturer costs

We've introduced a group of filtering options to the list of lecturer costs to help you drill down into the data. Accordingly, you're now able to filter costs by programme and class, date, lecturer, cost status, attendance and budget code. For the sake of convenience, the system remembers the last filter you applied; thus, if you apply a filter, exit the page and later revisit it, everything will be as you left it. In addition, your sorts and filters are included when exporting the list to Excel or CSV.

Core | Student information system
Manage the list of budget codes

Staff can now manage the list of budget codes directly. Just click Manage codes inside the Lecturer costs page (near the new Budget code filter) and you'll be redirected to the appropriate area, where you can create and delete budget codes. This is a permission based feature, so only the relevant staff roles will see the aforementioned button.

Core | Student information system
See the list of transcripts for a course

We've added a new tab to the overview of courses that are in the in progress or done states: Transcripts. The new tab displays a complete list of transcripts for the respective course, which can be exported and printed.

Core | Student information system
Names of registered courses on student transcripts

Until now, only subjects were added to student transcripts, but the specific courses determined on the study plan to the student transcript will also be added from this point forward, right after the subject code and the subject name. For instance: "MBA003 - Finance - September 2019" ("September 2019" being the name of the course).

Core | Student information system
Defining a max number of absences no longer compulsory

Defining a MAX NUMBER OF ABSENCES on profile transcripts and study plan templates when adding a course is no longer compulsory.

Advanced | Security
Verification links do not expire upon request of a new validation link

In the past, whenever a verification email was requested, all previous ones were automatically expired and rendered useless. However, candidates are now able to verify their accounts using any of the generated links, old and new, so long as they're within the validity period of 24 hours.


Foundation CRM | Student Hub
Following a URL with an incorrect localisation leads to a blank page

Following a URL to a landing page with a localisation in an incorrect format (for example, "en-gb" instead of "en-GB") lead applicants to a blank page, but we changed localisations to be case-insensitive.

Origin | Applications
Application URLs producing duplicate applications

We had a bug affecting application templates that did not allow for multiple applications whereby, if people started and submitted an application form through a direct URL and then accessed FULL FABRIC through that same link again, they'd be starting a second application instead of being led to the original. The application URL now redirects users back to their started or submitted applications, as expected.

Foundation CRM | Student Hub
"My Applications" widget malfunctioning

On the Student Hub, applicants weren't able to reenter their submitted applications past the application close date because the My Applications widget was missing its VIEW APPLICATION button. The button is back in place now.

Advanced | Security
Candidates unable to accept the privacy policy

For a time, a few candidates were unable to accept the privacy policy of the school when creating their accounts because the respective checkbox wasn't visible; consequently, they were stuck. The checkbox with the statement I accept the privacy policy is now visible to everyone again.