Stay up-to-date on new features and bug fixes delivered over the last month.

Foundation CRM | Events

Set and send different email reminders for your events

You can now send distinct reminders for the same event by defining a different email template per reminder, which allows for as much individualised customisation as the needs of the situation dictate! This stands in stark contrast to the past, when only one email template could be used for all of the reminders. You may read more about event reminders here!



Foundation CRM | Events
Display a list of selected events on your Student Hub

It's now possible to select specific events rather than teams in the Events widget of a portal page, letting you define exactly which events should be put on display! Previously, one could only filter them by type – such as Admissions, Careers and others –, according to the staff user who created the event. To learn more about this topic, check this article!

Foundation CRM | User management
Easily identify different types of profiles

It's now easy to discern at first glance whether a profile belongs to a a contact, a lecturer or a staff user through the introduction of the following blocked tags below the profile name: Contact, Lecturer and Staff. Applicant profiles, being the majority and by extension the default, possess no label.

Origin | Applications
Different submission error messages displayed to staff

We've improved the original error message displayed to staff when attempting to submit an application on behalf of a candidate, which hitherto only indicated that the application couldn't be submitted and had to be revised, to actually specify which fields need to be reviewed in order to submit the application.

Core | Student information system
Improvements to the "Get study plan" API request

The Get study plan API request can now also retrieve paths and elective group course types.


Origin | Applications
"Courses" tab not visible to staff

Newly submitted applications weren't showing the Courses tab to staff; therefore, there was no way to know which courses had been selected by the candidates and create enrolment plans based on them. The Courses tab is visible again.

Core | Automations
Enrolment plans and transcripts not automatically created

Setting up a workflow inside an application template to automatically create enrolment plans and transcripts upon the application being submitted was failing to work, but the transcripts and enrolments plans are duly created now.

Foundation CRM | Segments
Rule "is not a" not producing expected results

Whenever at least one state and substate were combined with the rule is not a, the segment would ignore the selected substates and fail to filter the profiles. Currently, only the profiles in the selected states and substates are returned.

Foundation CRM | Campaigns
Dispatched campaigns not delivered nor updated

A bug was hindering the deliverability of our campaigns and keeping the stats from being updated, but all campaigns are successfully sent and updated now.

Foundation CRM | Lead management
Withdrawn status not visible in the class overview

Profiles weren't showing their withdrawn status in the class overview, but the status is now displayed next to the name of the intake whenever applicable.

Core | Student information system
Email column displaying data from another field

When registering students inside the Register tab of a course, the EMAIL column would proceed to display the students' IDs in place of their email addresses, but that's no longer the case.

Foundation CRM | Segments
Shared segments not loading profiles

The list of profiles in certain segments was coming up empty, despite the rules having matches, but the profiles are loaded again.

Origin | Applications
Applications not showing programme choice field selections

A few application templates had a problem whereby the programme choice field would not save the candidates' selection, however, they're always saved now.

Origin | Applications
Application fee status not updated

Application fees stayed marked as unpaid when candidates paid by Flywire, preventing them from submitting their applications. At present, the status is promptly changed upon FULL FABRIC receiving payment confirmation from Flywire.

Core | Student information system
Downloaded syllabi featuring unpublished files

When students downloaded every resource inside a syllabus, the latter would include files only meant to be available at a later date, such as in a month. The files remain locked until the appropriate date now.