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Core | Student information system

Introducing the Shared Calendar

Make way for the new academic calendar, the Shared calendar, replacing its predecessor with smarter and better functionality! This new calendar takes a centralised approach to displaying courses and sessions, now combined into a single shared calendar instead of each programme having its own! The new calendar also comes with a bevy of filters and sorting options to help you customise your view and dig into data, as well as a variety of other nifty tricks that you can read about in our Help Centre! We'll support you through the process of transitioning to the new calendar and will contact you shortly for that purpose (if we haven't already)!

If you've never used our academic calendar, we recommend this other article instead.



Foundation CRM | Forms
Embed forms using scripts

You can now embed a FULL FABRIC form in an external web page by using a script instead of an iframe, thus allowing you to track user interaction with Google Tag Manager (such as completion time, abandonment rate and other metrics) and customise the design of your form on your own website. For more information, come here.

Origin | Applications
Order the content of programme choice fields chronologically

It's now possible to order the classes and courses in programme choice fields by their start date to make them easier to work with. As such, from now on, when applicants select a programme or a subject and then proceed to select a class or a course, respectively, they'll see them ordered from earliest to latest by default. Classes and courses without dates will be ordered alphabetically at the bottom.

Foundation CRM | Lead management
Changes to the primary programme choice substitution tag

The subject code is no longer generated as part of the primary programme choice substitution tag, meaning that only the subject name and the course name are displayed to applicants in the application submission confirmation emails they receive.


Foundation CRM | Automations
Unable to change sender name of automated workflows

Attempting to edit the SENDER NAME of the Send email to profile automation did not work, as the original name was not overwritten in the email messages. All email messages now include the custom SENDER NAME again.

Foundation CRM | Lead management
Letter merge fields for journeys not working

Upon creating a letter template with merge fields for journey fields and then generating a document, the latter would not be populated. However, as of now, the substitution tags are replaced by information again.

Foundation CRM | Lead management
Import menu freezes when clicking "Next"

The profile import tool sometimes froze when entering the mapping step, but the mapping section is loading normally again.

Origin | Applications
Application tab keeps loading after clicking "NEXT"

Whenever a candidate went to an application form and used the NEXT and PREVIOUS controls to move across tabs, the page would get stuck in an infinite loop and never proceed to the desired destination. This is no longer occurring.

Origin | Applications
Application PDF download fails when attachments are included

We had a bug affecting applications whereby they couldn't be exported to PDF if any files were attached, but they're fully downloadable again.

Origin | Applications
Started applications reverting to old status

Some started applications were wrongly given the status Not started application by the system, making them impossible to submit. The application status is always accurate now.

Origin | Applications
Blank page appears when referees submit their reference form

Whenever a referee submitted a reference for an applicant, the page would go blank. Now, it continues to show the reference form while also showing the success message Reference form submitted.

Origin | Applications
"Enter" key not working properly

There was an issue with the authentication via application method whereby, if the user in question already had a password and entered it by hitting Enter on the keyboard instead of clicking Continue to application on the portal, the modal would return to the previous page instead of advancing to the next one. This has been fixed and pressing Enter now allows the person to move forward to their application.

Origin | Applications
Mapping data between application and evaluation forms not working

When trying to map values between applications and evaluations, no fields were available for selection in the mapping map. However, both the application and evaluation fields are now visible again.

Foundation CRM | Applications portal
Certain areas of the login page not scrollable

Some areas of the login page were not scrollable; consequently, a few buttons and fields were difficult to access. The login page is entirely scrollable now.

Foundation CRM | Lead management
Inbox "All" tab not displaying information

The Inbox All tab was not displaying any items, saying You're all done instead, but it's now collecting information from the other tabs as expected.

Foundation CRM | Forms
Users can submit closed forms

Submissions were still accepted when a form was closed, but they're currently duly rejected.

Foundation CRM | Lead management
Changes to segment rules producing zero results

Upon making edits to the rules of a list segment, the list would go empty once the Segments Builder menu was exited. The list returns the matching profiles now.

Foundation CRM | Lead management
Can't use rule "Profile created at"

Whenever the rule Profile created at was selected in a segment, the page would subsequently crash, but the filter can be used again.

Origin | Applications
Application templates missing a dependency option

The option to define a schema field as This field is required WHEN in order to specify when it should be mandatory suddenly disappeared from the schema. Therefore, only the alternatives were left: This field is NOT required and This field is ALWAYS required. We corrected this bug and all three options are available again.

Core | Student information system
Lecturer profiles deleted without being removed from sessions first

The system was erroneously authorising the deletion of lecturer profiles still assigned to sessions, which caused their associations to the sessions to stay behind and stir up trouble. Henceforth, this action will be automatically aborted by the system and trigger a forbidden response, commanding staff users to Remove the lecturer as the lecturer/guest lecturer of sessions before being able to delete its profile.