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Foundation CRM | Student Hub

Your Student Hub has a brand new face

We have completely redesigned the look and feel of the Student Hub — your applicant-facing FULL FABRIC portal —, for a sleeker, smoother and more modern interface – and trust us, it's never looked better! This is a huge facelift that will make the portal more attractive and accessible to people interested in applying to your school, providing a superior application experience!

If you'd like to update your school's Student Hub, let us know and we'll help you migrate the content from the old to the new version! What are you waiting for?



Core | Student Information System
Specify the participants of a session

You can now invite individual participants when creating or editing a session instead of every course registrant being necessarily added. This is accomplished through a new field in the session editor: Participants, where you can search and select the specific students you wish to invite. Accordingly, the people not invited will be disabled for that particular session in the Attendance grid. This is useful for when you have to split a session into multiple ones, such as to enable social distancing or due to limited capacity.

Origin | Applications
Manage campus data and produce documents with campus merge fields

There's a completely new area in FULL FABRIC to directly manage your school's campuses, found in General settingsInstitutionsCampuses! There, you're able to create new campuses, reorder them and rename them; in addition, we can also build you a dedicated campus schema whereby, when you access the Campuses list and go inside a specific location (e.g., 'London'), you can record further details, such as address, bank account number and more. In turn, you can merge that information into letters, no longer needing to have several templates per campus to accommodate different details! If you’re interested in setting up your campus schema and obtaining the respective field references, get in touch with us!

Advanced | Security
Support For Stripe’s Strong Customer Authentication

FULL FABRIC now supports Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) with 3D Secure via Stripe. 3D Secure is a fraud protection protocol that adds another step of authentication during checkout by transferring users to a verification page on their bank’s website through a pop-up window, where they must enter a password tied to their card or a SMS code. This is related to a group of regulations recently enforced in Europe by the Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2), which mandates SCA for eCommerce transactions in order to enhance security, mostly affecting European banks and cards. Rest assured, SCA is already available for Stripe users and no set-up is required from your side. You can learn more about SCA and its implications in this in-depth guide published by Stripe.


Foundation CRM | Emails
Email content partially lost

Using Reply All to compose a new message was causing part of the text to disappear upon the email being sent, but the content is always saved and sent in full now.

Origin | Applications
Application PDFs not downloading

Attempting to download a PDF copy of someone's application was ending in error when documents were attached, but the download is always successful with and without attachments now.