Case Study: Said Foundation

By digitalising and automating its application process, The Saïd Foundation increased its number of applicants by 62% while decreasing the amount of time spent reviewing applications.


Since 1982, the Saïd Foundation has been investing in the talents of young people. It has achieved this through postgraduate scholarship awards and helping children held back by disadvantage or disability by providing them with opportunities to receive better quality education and care.

The challenge

In the past, applicants had to download a PDF application, complete it manually and submit it in person through a local representative. Applications would include essays, transcripts, and letters of recommendation: all of which needed to be printed out, bundled and filed for each member of the review committee.

Collecting and reviewing materials from each applicant was time-consuming and complex and the staff struggled to process applications quickly. The Saïd Foundation knew that in order to maintain and increase the quality of its scholars, the staff needed a tool that would allow them to accept, review and analyse applications easily and online.


The staff needed a tool that would allow them to accept, review and analyse applications easily and online.

The solution

Increase in


Reduction in
processing time




The Saïd Foundation decided to digitise and automate the entire application process to allow prospects to complete their application and upload all the required documentation online.

With FULL FABRIC, admissions officers can now automate the capture and routing of applications to facilitate faster and more effective decisions. The system assigns each application to different team members, allowing reviewers to evaluate critical components of the application and enter their comments and ratings on the same screen.

This allows for parallel review methods in which applicants can be reviewed by different evaluators at the same time, saving the institution valuable time and resources and facilitating a swifter decision making process.


FULL FABRIC helped us digitalise the whole admission process which not only improved the applicant experience but also made the review and selection process a lot easier.

Emma Spittles

Scholarships Programme Manager,
Saïd Foundation

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